Bazaars of the world – I

I love visiting markets while travelling any city, town or even the smallest village.


First of all, it is a great place to observe a part of local economy – what grows in the region, what people eat in the region, what is created here and what is valued here, what is demanded and supplied and what is bought and sold.

Secondly, it is a great place to understand a part of local culture – how people buy, how people talk to each other, how people bargain and how people fight.
You can observe all kinds of people here – who live in the city and who are visitors in the city.

This is why the post on markets, alias Bazaars!

The pictures here are just a representative of amazing things and amazing people I found in one of the oldest markets of London, in a UNESCO world heritage site – the Greenwich market.

One of the entrances to the Greenwich market
Woollens – right out of the factory
Metal imitation of leaves
Tools for the leather-craft…
…and the end result of the leather-craft!
Pretty skirts – again right out of the factory





The market is also a workshop for so many artists and craftsmen!


There were old guns, tens of different kinds of old cameras, and what not!


6 thoughts on “Bazaars of the world – I

  1. You said it well. The bazaars are true indicator of the place. I also wrote similar post advocating why one should explore old Bazaars in a city. I will provide you link in a separate comment, in case you wish to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post.


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